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Thoth, the Egyptian God who, according to Socrates, invented gambling, is depicted on the doors of the U.S. Library of Congress.








Convenience Meets Demand with LottoStar.co.za

Our demand for convenience these days has largely being answered by the bevy of tech gadgets which we are spoilt for choice by. With so many manufacturers all vying for top spot as far as favourite smartphone and tablet device goes, and with wifi hotspots becoming increasingly more mainstream, our latest status update or mobile banking transaction is no more than a few touches away.

So, bearing in mind that we’re so connected these days, wouldn’t it make perfect sense to have the opportunity to harness the power our devices afford us, and put it to good use? If you’re wondering what that “good use” might be, well then hang in there friends – it’s about to get awesome!

Lottostar.co.za website screenshot
Take a careful look at the image above; and no, your eyes aren’t deceiving you. Jackpot prizes of up to R160 million; how does that grab your fancy? It immediately caught our attention, so we simply couldn’t pass up the opportunity to take a closer look at www.LottoStar.co.za – a brand-new product offering to our South African lottery game market, and one which is guaranteed to make a big splash!


LottoStar is an online gaming service which has been approved, licensed, and regulated by the Mpumalanga Gambling and Racing Board; which is a huge relief to all those potential reactions of “It must be too good to be true!” – believe us, we said exactly the same thing. Thankfully though, they are as real as real gets – and with a tagline of “Real jackpot prizes for real people”, that pretty much sums it up for us. Nevertheless though, the true test comes in putting them to the test – so let’s see what else those who register online are afforded.


Guaranteed entry into guaranteed jackpot prize games; that’s what – and it’s all completely legit. We like this! Not only is the registration process quick and free, but those who register and join the LottoStar.co.za family are able to enter into the following games: The EuroMillions, which offers jackpot prizes up to R75 million (and this is the baby, just remember that!); the Spanish Daily, a game exclusive to the LottoStar.co.za brand, and one which offers jackpot prizes of up to R90 million; as well as the SuperEnaLotto game, the real industry shaker – boasting an unprecedented jackpot prize fund of up to R160 million!


Feel free to leave your scepticism at the door; with international banking-standard 256-bit SSL encryption safeguarding all players and transactions on the LottoStar website, your online safety is guaranteed – each and every time. Also, seeing as they’re completely online based, not only are you able to play LottoStar while being on the move (or being stuck in traffic, depending on what your daily commute looks like), but if you happen upon any issues while using the website rest assured that the Live Chat helpdesk team will always be on hand to give you the highest level of professional support; something which our South African market is severely lacking!
This makes for a refreshing change, and finally affords us the renewed enthusiasm to dream big, and win even bigger – so join the LottoStar.co.za family today, and for as little as R3.50 you too will be able to participate in the game of your choice, with all the power placed directly in your hands with the flexible gaming options. This makes them a definite winner in our books – and here’s to each one of us becoming winners on LottoStar!




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Convenience Meets Demand with Lottostar.co.za